My New Birkenstocks iPhone Case

birkenstock iphone case

O. M. G., check out this totally rad and sassy Birkenstock iPhone case on! I came across it randomly a couple weeks ago on Google, and do you think I bought it? Well, duh!

For the longest time I didn’t use an iPhone case. I went through an iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, and even an iPhone 5C without any problem, but then last year I cracked the screen on my iPhone 6! Luckily, I was able to get it repaired at cell phone repair Hamilton Ontario for a good price. However, since then I’ve transitioned to always using an iPhone case.

The one I was using before was a standard Apple case, and sure it was fine for protection and looked ok, but it didn’t really say “me”. I actually tried styling my own case from this video:

But yeah, it didn’t work out…

That’s why I’m so in love with this new case. It definitely brings out my personality, and, of course, my love for Birkenstocks!

It has all your typical important iPhone case features:

  • Slim-fitting
  • Clip-on
  • Shatterproof casing
  • Protective lip

But, most importantly it looks great. It shows a ladies’ lovely feet in a pair of my favourite Birkenstocks with the phrase “you rock my Birkenstock”. Again, O.M.G.!

No, I don’t have any affiliation to the makers of this product and no, I won’t make any money if you go to their website and buy a case, but this was just so lovely that I had to share.

So, if you’re in the market for a case and love Birkenstocks (which of course you do, because you’re on this site), then why not this case?

By the way, if you haven’t been using a case and need yours fixed, you can Find Phone Repair anywhere in Canada.

I used this service and it was quite reasonably priced and very quick.

Until next time, my Birkenstock babes!


Birkenstocks are good for your health

Sure, you know Birkenstocks are great because they are stylish, affordable, and comfortable, but did you know they are actually also good for you?

Many people have no understanding of the damaging effects on their basic wellness that may be caused by putting on improperly equipped shoes. A lot of the movement concerns seen in older adults, as well as those in nursing homes have been triggered by years of feet disregard as well as tight and uneasy footwear. Putting on uncomfortable shoes can bring about issues such as in-grown toenails, calluses, and bunions, and this can alsohave extensive impact on your general wellness; particularly your back.

Birkenstock shoes are the best way to exercise great foot health and also protect against foot disorders and pain in the future. Birkenstocks allow the feet to remain in a natural and correct position. This means overall convenience for feet and also the body.

The heel area made well, as is the toe box, supplying lots of shake space where you need it. Birkenstocks are superb for the alleviation of heel pain. And they get better with time. The more you use your Birkenstocks, the comfier they become.

As mentioned, the Birkenstock footbed molds to the form your foot, so the longer you use them, the more comfortable they will come to be. You will certainly make this foot bed your very own as well as if another person tries out your footwears, they will certainly not feel as comfy. You will have built the footbed for yourself alone. Your footbed will be your footprint.

The footbeds are made from a cork and leather mix, allowing you lots of ‘give’ as you stroll with complete support and convenience. The foot bed material additionally leads preventing sweat and also fungus.

The Birkenstock upper areas are made primarily of soft natural leather, suede, nubuk, or pick synthetic materials. They will never trigger you by painful rubbing or chafing. Birkenstock soles are produced to take in impact. They will lower stress on your feet, heels, arches, ankles, legs and back. Whichever Birkenstock design you pick, you will obtain every one of these advantages of two hundred years of Birkenstock refinement in each footwear they supply and every step you take.

Don’t just look great with Birkenstocks, feel great too!

Why Buy Birkenstocks?


Why are we addicted to Birkenstocks? There are many reasons from comfort to style to functionality.

Birkenstock female footwears is the perfect remedy for relief from uneasy and also harmful designs that could create troubles with your feet. Many females resort to Birkenstock women’s shoes for their superb fit, style, and also comfort. Improperly fitted shoes can cause many different troubles from ingrowing toenails to corns, calluses, and bunions. Birkenstock shoes are popular for promoting healthy and balanced feet by offering exceptional arch assistance and contoured soles. Birkenstock shoes can be found in numerous designs.

Birkenstocks have been making women’s shoes for over 200 years, but the brand truly took off in the 1970s when they began making timeless Birkenstock designs such as the Birkenstock Arizona with two flexible straps as well as resilient fastenings. As their success expanded, the company presented several other styles including everything from casual shoes as well as clogs to dress footwears.


Birkenstock obstructions include ranges such as the flashy Active with its cotton lined footbed as well as a rubber sole. The company likewise makes several styles of casual women’s footwears such as the Avalon slouch with a modifiable band and Bangor which is a much more traditional shoelace up shoe. You could also discover Mary Jane design shoes such as the dressy Annapolis with velcro straps for simple modification and the Avila-Architect with slip resistant single as well as high-tech design.

You also have various sandals to pick from with Birkenstock footwear consisting of brands such as the Gizeh with its classic band style, and the Florida with a classic three-strap design and also added soft footbed. The Birkenstock Tabora sandal has a flexible cross band and toe loop and the Morgan shoe has a timeless cross-strap, and the Bridget has a single-band leather slidetabora

You can boost your look with numerous devices for Birkenstock footwears. There is a range of footwear care items that can add years of use to your footwears providing security for the cork, leather, suede, and nubuck. You can quickly locate substitute insoles for your Birkenstock women’s shoes and a range of socks are readily available in various styles and designs.

That’s why we buy Birkenstocks.